Welcome to the EMI Corporate Apparel site. This site contains all the apparel available for purchase with the EMI logo. The logo color that will be embroidered is shown on each image ‚Äď no exceptions.

Employees receive a 50% discount as noted throughout the site. If you want to pay using the payroll-deduction option, instructions (also shown below) are given on the checkout page.

If you would like to pay for your order through payroll deduction, please visit
the Cart page, 
type PayrollDeduction in the coupon box, and click Apply Coupon.

Orders placed will be delivered to the EMI Corporate office for employee distribution. We strive to complete all orders and deliver them within 7-10 business days, after receipt of each order.

Please keep in mind that all items are made to order. Sizing charts are provided for all items. There are no returns of purchased items. Defective or incorrectly sized items will be replaced. All sales are final.

If you have any questions, please contact¬†[email protected]¬†or call¬†440-942-5200.

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